Hi everybody. I’m Ben. From what Wawasee Plaza uptown, Syracuse, and we’re working. On something pretty darn cool. With lightning, our buildings at night. Take a look.

So round. All of. All we see Plaza, we installed these led. Lights. And it goes clear around the building. Here.

Goal is to get all of the properties. Uptown this way.


This is an uptown Syracuse, Indiana. Indiana.

Can I go down the, 13 side of the building as well?

We’ve had these lights up on this side for. For about a month. Or so. And then a. We just had them installed on our next door neighbors. Over here. This is Audiology. And. We just had these lights installed. About a week and a half. Ago or so. And they’re now on a photocell. It looks pretty darn awesome.

They don’t come around. And, the back. As it’s not seen, but. But it does go all the way on this side, on the front of her building. And then on the backside. The side as well. So that’s the. That’s what we’re. At right now with. Getting all the lights done uptown. It’s been something I’ve been trying to get done for. Going on 20 years, it’s. Finally happening. So it’s pretty darn pretty. The darn cool to see what it looks like. At night.

But anyway. I’m Ben and. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe and like this video, if you want. To follow and, learn more about what I do.

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